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VAT Concession

We do not charge VAT on products which are for personal use of customers who have undergone breast surgery for medical reasons. This includes full and partial mastectomy surgery, lumpectomy surgery and reconstructive surgery.  These products are marked with a banner to ensure you can clearly view the price with and without VAT.

VAT exemption applies to:

  • Ready pocketed bras
  • Ready pocketed swimwear
  • Selected items with the “VAT exempt product” applied

NB. If you have not undergone surgery for medical reasons, VAT will be included in the retail price.

Items such as briefs and sarongs that are not pre-pocketed or marked with “VAT Exempt Product” will have VAT included in the retail price.

An account is required in order for you to claim this VAT relief. Click here to create a new account (or log into your existing account) and tick the VAT exemption box. 

The VAT amount will be shown on your invoice.

If you encounter any issues with the payment and VAT reduction please do not hesitate to contact us.