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Fit Guide


Fit Guide

Wearing a good fitting bra can change the way you feel and look, not to mention the health benefits. Nothing beats seeing an expert for a bra fitting but if that just isn’t possible, we are here to help.

“Look out for our FIT TIPS to help you choose the perfect bra”.

Bra Fitting Guide

The Underband

The underband should feel firm (but not tight or uncomfortable) and sit horizontal across your back. The underband should not ride up, even when you reach your arms above your head.

The Cups

Your breasts should be fully encased by the cups. The neck edge line of the cup should sit gently against the breast without bulging of breast tissue or gaping.  The cup should gently shape your breasts into the desired style you are looking to achieve.

The Wires

The underwire should sit against the chest wall encasing the entire bust. The wire should not press on any breast tissue.

The Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps should be comfortable and not dig in. The support comes from the underband, shoulder straps add a little support and stability.