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Question & Answers

Q. My bra constantly rides up my back?

A. Decrease the size of your underband until you achieve a firm (but not uncomfortable) fit.


Q. I have four boobs?  (Breast tissue spilling over the top of each cup)

A. Increase the size of your cup until your breasts are fully encased within the cups.


Q. My boobs drop out of the bottom of my bra?

A. Decrease the size of your underband and increase your cup size until your breasts are encased and your underband is fitting firmly.


Q. The hook and eye fasteners are under a lot of strain?

A. Increase the underband size, your bra is probably a little too firm.


Q. The wires sit away from my chest wall?

A. Increase the cup size and/or decrease the underband size.


Q. The wires are sat on my breast tissue?

A. Lean forward and gently pull your breast tissue into the cups, ensuring the wires are seated flat on the chest wall.  This may result in "four boob" now that all the breast tissue is forward of the wires, if this is the case, increase the cup size of your bra.


Q. My bra rubs me in between my boobs?

A. The shape and height of the wires differ from brand to brand and inbetween styles, you may need to change the style of your bra or brand to alleviate this irritation.  As your bra loosens and "gives" after a few wears you may find this issue resolves itself as the wires aren't sat so firm against the sternum.  Some ladies may find they have to select a more plunging style with lower wires to resolve this issue.


Q. My bra rubs under my arms?

A. We are all different shapes and sizes, finding the perfect bra to suit our boobs and body shape can sometimes feel like "trying to find a needle in a haystack".  Bras will differ from brand to brand, perhaps select a brand where the wires are shorter under the arms, perhaps a comfort fit bra instead of a balconnet bra. 


Q. I have big boobs but why do my bras have to have wide shoulder straps?

A. The bras are designed & engineered with the weight of your boobs in mind, the straps are graduated to increase in size alongside the size of the cup.


Q. The wires keep coming out of my bras?

A. Ensure you follow the care label in your bra, wired bras should be gently hand washed to ensure they stay in shape.  Washing machines and tumble dryers cause damage to your bras and shorten the life of your bra.  

A. Ensure your bra is fitting correctly, if the underband is far too tight it will put too much tension on the wire casing pressing the wires into the ends of the casing.  This pressure will eventually prove too much for your bra and the wires will push through.


Q. My T-shirt bra has started to curl outwards on the top cup, why is this?

A. Generally this is due to laundering the bra in the washing machine or tumble dryer.  There are several types of fabric inside your smooth cup, they will shrink or warp in different ways when laundered incorrectly which causing too much tension in one layer which in turn curls your bra.  Follow the care label in the garment to keep your bra smooth.